Building Testimonials

Karen and Wayne Squires

Create suggested a number of little improvements we had not thought of an also suggested some nifty ways of using awkward spaces. We are very happy with the end result and would happily recommend them.

Sue Hutchins

We would like to express our complete satisfaction and that is has been a pleasure to work with you on this project. We have appreciated your skills and helpful suggestions.


We began the process with some trepidation, as our terrace house is 120 years old and hasn’t been touched since it was built. We expected plenty of challenges, but Create was more than up to the task, and even exceeded our expectations by taking our ideas and creating something even better.

MS - Newcastle

Louise and I would like to thank you for your help in providing us with the spiral cellar. Your professionalism, and friendly manner has made the experience a joy in doing business with you. The cellar itself, is a quality product let alone an asset, and has stunned all our friends and family. Feel free to bring anyone that wants to look at it, as we are very happy to endorse Spiral Cellars. We thank you again, and hope to see you in the near future for a bbq & a few wines from the cellar!!

Enigma Interiors, Gold Coast

From the first time we heard about Spiral Cellars and saw images of completed projects, we knew we wanted to incorporate it into one of our designs. Then when consulting with a client who had inherited a large range of vintage wines but needed customized storage we knew this would be the perfect application. Right from our first contact with Spiral Cellars in Australia, to determine the set up and sizing options available, they were extremely helpful and willing to assist us. The whole project couldn’t have gone smoother, we were well informed prior to installation about the procedure and what was required; the installers were on time and kept in contact afterward to make sure the final stages were completed correctly. Most importantly the end result was fantastic and client was absolutely ecstatic with the finished cellar. We would absolutely love to work with them again on future projects.

TK - Sydney

We installed our White Spiral Cellar late in 2012. I went through a long process of weighing up wine storage options and, in the end, the Spiral Cellar came out on top. In summary we decided on the Spiral Cellar because it would not take up any extra room (it would indeed create some more space), I preferred ground temperature storage rather than refrigerated conditions which are associated with the potential for mechanical failure as well as constant low level vibration, and also because we knew that it would look stunning! We’re very glad that we made this decision. The cellar does look fantastic, I have no concerns about the quality of my wine storage (even if we have a power failure I can remain relaxed that my wine collection isn’t turning into vinegar) and the reactions of friends who have seen it have been amazing. Generally people comment that it is the “coolest thing” they’ve ever seen.