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March 03, 2014


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Spiral Cellars Installation

We are the exclusive installation partner of the unique Spiral Cellar. Spiral Cellars are an innovative, watertight, cylindrical system that provides natural cooling and passive ventilation to an underground room in which to store your wine. These cellars require no additional energy and can be fully installed in just 2 weeks.

Spiral Cellars can be accessed through a variety of trap doors in the floor that can take tiles, floorboards or even a motorised glass door. The Cellars can be located almost anywhere (preferably a south facing room) and can be installed into an already existing ground floor room, or can be incorporated into the build of an extension or new property.

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or looking to create a point of distinction in your next build, Spiral Cellars are guaranteed to give that you that wow factor.

The premium cellar is the white cellar that has LED lighting options, they can hold between 1190 to 1870 bottles depending on depth. The original cellar has been around for 30 years and is a good option for storage with budget in mind, it will hold between 1000 to 1600 bottles again depending on depth.

Get yours installed today!

Are you interested in finding out more about Spiral Cellars and the installation process. Speak with the team at Create Construction today and get a sense of exactly what it will take to install this stunning storage facility on your premises.

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